Annual Memorial Mass

Please also Keep in Your Prayers Our Recently Deceased

• Rosemary SUSAN Seaman (Steve’s SIL) (RIP-07/14/2022)
• Joseph G. Deley (W)Retired Member C3907) (RIP-06/13/2022)
• Alice C. Dinser (Larry’s brother Jim’s MIL) {RIP-05/28/2022)
• Jane Stadnik (PGK3907 Ed’s Wife) (RIP-05/10/2022)
• William “Bill” Kunz III (Bill’s Son) (RIP 05/03/2022)
• Robert E. Sacacena (SJN KofC Member Ohio) (RIP 05/02/2022)
• Andrew J. Irlbacher (Friend) (RIP-05/01/2022)
• Damian P Luti MVCP DD117/112 (Friend) (RIP-04/28/2022)
• June A. Pegher (wife of Neil) (RIP-04/18/2022)
• James Paul Emark (Larry’s Brother) (RIP 04/07/2022}
• Paul R. DeArment (friend) (RIP 03/16/2022)
• Margaret Jean “Margie” (Ogden) Gerst (RIP-01/19/2022)
• (H) SK William F. “Bill” Ryan (RIP-12/22/2021)
• Elizabeth M. “Betty” Kolakowski (RIP~11/12/2021)

(H = Honorary Member) (SK = Sir-Knight 4th-Degree) (HL = Honorary Life Member)

(GT = Gold-Tie C3907)

May God bring them all close to Him….