Annual Memorial Mass

Families and Friends Come and Join-us: In Remembrance of our Recently Deceased Brothers, who passed away since our last/previous Council #3907 Memorial Mass (November2021). This Mass will be celebrated by our Chaplain, Father Will Wuenschel, at Saint Aidan Parish/ Saint Alexis Church Wednesday, November 9th 2022, at 7pm….

If you’re planning on attending our Memorial Mass and the Potluck Dinner: Please Call/Contact (our Faith Director) Ron Tassone (below), with your Intentions to Attend and What you Can Bring, so he knows what food item you’ll be bringing to the Dinner: [A follow-up Call may follow:]

This Year we will be honoring the following Recently-Deceased Brothers (of C3907 unless otherwise identified); in addition to Remembering our many Previously Deceased, from our beginnings in 1954.):

Please also Keep in Your Prayers Our Recently Deceased

• Flora J. (Ferrante) Ermlich (Wife of Paul) (RIP-10/19/2022)
• Joseph Oscar Brashear (Ken Landaus FIL) (RIP-10/13/2022)
• Michael Richard Karapandi (Rich’s son) (RIP-10/12/2022)
• HL Eugene A Lersch (age 90) (RIP-10/11/2022)
• HL GT Albert Joseph Fill (Santa Claus) (RIP-10/05/2022)
• Bernice D. “Bee” McClure Stern (age 93) (Deceased Bernie’s Wife) (RIP-10/04/2022)
• Rocco D. “Rocky” Tassone, (age-100) (Ron’s Dad) (RIP-09/05/2022)
• Dr Francis Joseph ‘Frank’ Lyman (age-92) (RIP-08/15/2022)
• Msgr. Ronald M. Ketteler (Larry’s Cousin) (RIP-08/26/2022)
• Mary M. (Aldridge) “Peg” McArdle (age 89) (Bernie/Megan Caputo MIL) (RIP-08/06/2022)
• GT SK Charles J. ‘Chuck’ Mazur, Jr. (RIP-07/21/2022)
• Susan “Sue” Elizabeth Hellerman Cibula (RIP-07/17/2022)
• Rosemary SUSAN Seaman (Steve’s SIL) (RIP-07/14/2022)
• Gaetano “Tom” Dentici (Friend) (RIP-07/12/2022)
• Rita M. (Yaggi) Miller (age-100) (Hank’s wife) (RIP-07/10/2022)
• Donald J. Gaus (The Kneeler Guy) (RIP-07/09/2022)
• HL SK Robert G. Corcoran PGK5501 FDD PFN FCCC (age 88) (RIP-06/25/2022)
• Jane Stadnik (PGK3907 Ed’s Wife) (RIP-05/10/2022)
(H = Honorary Member) (SK = Sir-Knight 4th-Degree) (HL = Honorary Life Member) (GT = Gold-Tie C3907)

(H = Honorary Member) (SK = Sir-Knight 4th-Degree) (HL = Honorary Life Member)

(GT = Gold-Tie C3907)

May God bring them all close to Him….

Regards & Vivat Jesus!

Ronald L. Tassone Ron Tassone, Faith Director 412-656-3644 &